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Quick Mow in Trenton

Mowed in Trenton.  


Rainy Weather

If it isn’t raining, it is cloudy.  I mowed today, but it was almost too dark to see what I was doing.  

Still learning the new Ego trimmer.  I lost control a couple of times.  

Used the original mower battery.  It still works. 

Total mowing electricity costs for the season so far this season is $0.12.  That is recharge and maintence of charge.

I need to sharpen the blade (the one I took off last year,so I can swap it with the current blade.

Snow fun

  • Used the corded electric Power Curve  1800 snow thrower from Toro.  Although it is rated for 12 inches of snow, it cut through 22 inches (although the snow that passed over the top of the machine required a second pass to be completely clear.

I have 300 feet of cold weather extension cord.  I deploy what I need for the job.

Care must be taken to avoid the cord.