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First Mow of the season

First mow of the season.  The batteries were maintained on trickle charge since last December.

Total cost of electricity for last year was a whopping $2.30. 

The grass is just starting to grow, and we have not had a lot of rain this month.  I think it is going to be a strange season.

I did not edge yet, but those batteries have been charged too.



  • Leaves and acorns.  The lawn grew a bit too.  Mulching the leaves used more power.  The battery was down to  1/4.  
  • This is when having a second battery is useful.  The battery can be switched and the mower can keep going.
  • Palmyra has a large number of big trees.  There will be more leaves than the mower can handle.  I will blow the leaves and place them at the curb for collection.