• Leaves and acorns.  The lawn grew a bit too.  Mulching the leaves used more power.  The battery was down to  1/4.  
  • This is when having a second battery is useful.  The battery can be switched and the mower can keep going.
  • Palmyra has a large number of big trees.  There will be more leaves than the mower can handle.  I will blow the leaves and place them at the curb for collection.


Partial Palmyra Mow

I started to mow, but it started to rain.

Electric mowers are great, but they don’t do well in the rain.

  1. Electricity and water don’t mix.  My earliest experience with electric lawn mowers involved extension cords. It was also before Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors.   Although a little rain won’t hurt a battery powered mower, a lot of rain could risk a short circuit.  
  2. Wet grass will clog a mower. The Black and Decker CM1936 will use a lot of battery power trying to mow wet grass.
  3. Leaves don’t mulch well when they are wet.

All in all, the mowing can wait for another day.

No mow in Palmyra

After a spring and summer of rain, Palmyra is in drought. Everything but the crabgrass went dormant. 

 The Forsythia bushes were wilting.  As there was no rain in the forecast, I had to water.  Easier said than done . There was a hole in the hose.  
I tried electrical tape and then duct tape.
The hose still leaked, but carried enough water to let the hose work.
After watering, I tried to repair the hose, but the kit was for 5/8 to 3/4, and this hose was under 1/2.  I ordered a 1/2 inch repair kit, because I know I will need to water again.

Corded and Cordless power equipment reducing emissions